Why The Bridge
















One of the most difficult challenges currently facing the medical community is the ill or injured individual who does not fully recover despite the best efforts of caregivers and healthcare providers. These individuals live a life of pain and suffering while the insurance industry, self-insured corporations and ultimately the healthcare consumer bear the financial burdens. The appropriate treatment is often so complex, expensive, and time-consuming that current medical models fail to meet these individuals’ needs.

Located with the Coral Springs Resort, the program and staff are well equipped to provide excellent care for each guest throughtout the three-week program. The mission of the program is to meet the needs of indiviudals with unresolved medical conditions. The Bridge program accomplishes this by providing the following essential components to recovery:

  • Professional Medical & Rehabilitative Care
  • Assiting individuals in adopting a lifestyle conducive to healing
  • Educating individuals concerning the potential of their own internal resouces to influence long-term physical and psychological recovery

While The Bridge can be a life-changing experience, it is not a vacation. It is a strucutred comprehensive approach to treating each individual as a whole rather than a list of isolated conditions. This requires that each guest participate and be dedicated to recovery. The program begins slowly and continues to build each day. The limitations of each guest are considered and the program is adjusted accordingly.